2. PAPER II (Drama)


1. Answer the following questions. 
(i) How did Oedipus save Thebes before becoming its king?
(ii) What was the riddle posed by Sphinx to Oedipus?
(iii) Why do the Thebans come to Oedipus?
(iv) What do Thebans think of Oedipus as their king?
(v) Who is Creon?
(vi) Why did Creon go to the Oracle?
(vii) What message did Creon bring from Delphi Oracle?
(viii) Who was Laius?
(ix) Define Chorus.
(x) To which three gods does the Chorus pray for help?
(xi) What is Creon's defense against the accusations against him?
(xii) Who is Chraogos?
(xiii) Why did Oedipus and Laius confront?
(xiv) Why did Oedipus kill Laius where the three roads meet?
(xv) What was the prophecy about Oedipus?
2. Answer the following questions. 
(i) Who was Tiresias?
(ii) Why does Tiresias get furious with Oedipus?
(iii)  Why does Tiresias curse Oedipus?
(iv) What proof does Jocasta offer that prophets do not tell the truth?
(v) Why had Oedipus fled Corinth many years before?
(vi) Define parodos.
(vii) What news does the messenger from Corinth bring to Thebes?
(viii) How did Polybos die?
(ix) What is hamartia?
(x) What is the dramatic irony in 'Oedipus Rex'?
(xi) Why does Jocasta commit suicide?
(xii) Why does Oedipus not commit suicide as Jocasta does?
(xiii) Why does Oedipus use to blind his eyes?
(xiv) What request about his children does blind Oedipus make to Creon?
(xv) Who takes over as the ruler of Thebes after Oedipus?
3. Role of Chorus in 'Oedipus Rex'
4. Dramatic Irony in "Oedipus Rex" 
5. Role of Fate and Freewill in "Oedipus Rex" 
6. Role of Hubris in "Oedipus Rex" 
7. Relationship Between Man and gods in "Oedipus Rex" 
8. Oedipus Rex As a Tragic Hero
9. Answer the following questions.
(i) Write the names of four plays of Marlowe.
(ii) What is the setting of the play 'The Jew of Malta'?
(iii) What are the major themes of 'The Jew of Malta'?
(iv) Name the religious groups mentioned in 'The Jew of Malta'.
(v) Define the term 'Machiavellian'.
(vi) What is Malta's political situation in 'The Jew of Malta'?
(vii) Interpret 'I count religion but a childish toy'.
(viii) Interpret 'Weigh not men, and therefore, not men's words'.
(ix) Interpret 'For, so l live, perish may all the world!'
(x) Interpret 'Excess of wealth is cause of covetousness'.
(xi) How the Turkish army is destroyed?
(xii) Who is Barabas?
(xiii) What are the priorities of Barabas?
(xiv) Why is Barabas' all property confiscated?
(xv) Why is Barabas impatient with stash of gold?
10. Answer the following questions.
(i) Who is Abigail?
(ii) Why does Abigail convert to Christianity?
(iii) Who is Ithamore?
(iv) Why is Ithamore so quick to scheme against his master?
(v) Who is Machiavel?
(vi) Who is Friar Jacomo?
(vii) How does Jacomo die?
(viii) Who is Ferneze?
(ix) Who is Selim Calymath?
(x) Who is Don Mathias?
(xi) Who is Lodowick?
(xii) Who is Bellamira?
(xiii) Why does Bellamira seduce Ithamore?
(xiv) Why does Barabas want to poison all the nuns?
(xv) How does Barabas die?
11. Major Themes in 'The Jew of Malta'
12. Religious and Racial Differences in 'The Jew of Malta'
13. Machiavelianism in 'The Jew of Malta'
14. Anti-Semitism in 'The Jew of Malta'
15. Barabas As an Evil Incarnate
16. Character Sketch of Abigail
17. Answer the following questions.
(i) Why does Iago not like Othello?
(ii) Who is Roderigo?
(iii) Who is Desdemona?
(iv) Who is Michael Cassio?
(v) Who is Brabantio?
(vi) What was Brabantio's reaction to Othello's marriage to Desdemona?
(vii) What is the military issue that the Duke of Venice and his senators discuss?
(viii) Define the word 'moor'.
(ix) How does Othello succeed in winning Desdemona's heart?
(x) What is the significance of the handkerchief to Othello?
(xi) What proof does Iago use to convince Rederigo that Cassio and Desdemona are lovers?
(xii) Who is Emilia?
(xiii) What warning about Desdemona does Branbanito give to Othello?
(xiv) Why does Desdemona plead the case of Cassio so passionately?
(xv) What happens to the Turkish fleet?
18. Answer the following questions. 
(i) Who replaces Mantano as of Cyprus and why?
(ii) Why is Othello sent to Cyprus?
(iii) Why does Iago speak to Cassio about Bianca?
(iv) Why was Bianca angry with Cassio?
(v) What clue does Emilia offer about Iago's own jealousy?
(vi) Why is Othello so taken by Iago?
(vii) What is the most fatal flaw in Othello's person?
(viii) What is the dramatic significance of the 'willow' song?
(ix) Why does Iago stab Roderigo?
(x) Why does Iago stab his mistress?
(xi) Why does Othello kill Desdemona?
(xii) How was Desdemona faithful to Othello to the end?
(xiii) Why does Othello kill himself?
(xiv) What responsibility is given to Cassio in the end?
(xv) What happened to Othello, Iago and Cassio in the end?
19. "Othello" As a Domestic Tragedy
20. Theme of Jealously in "Othello" 
21. Racial Prejudices in 'Othello'
22. Othello As a Tragic Hero
23. Character Sketch of Iago
24. Character Sketch of Desdemona
25. Answer the following questions.
(i) What was happening in Shakespeare's career when he wrote 'The Tempest'?
(ii) What two distinctions does 'The Tempest' have among Shakespeare's plays?
(iii) Why is there no real suspense in the play 'The Tempest'?
(iv) List four elements the four romances have in common.
(v) What do you know about Ferdinand?
(vi) Why is Gonzalo sure the Boatswain will not die of drowning?
(vii) What are the three things associated the Prospero's magical power?
(viii) Who is Miranda? 
(ix) Give a description of Caliban.
(x) Who is sycorax and why does she lock Ariel in a tree for 12 years?
(xi) Who is the most eloquent character in the play 'The Tempest'?
(xii) Interpret "Good wombs have borne bad sons."
(xiii) Why doesn't Alonso believe his son might still be alive?
(xiv) Why does Ariel put everyone but Antonio and Sebastian to sleep?
(xv) What is the origin of 'Setebos', the name of Sycorax's god?
26. Answer the following questions.
(i) Why does Shakespeare begin 'The Tempest' with the description of a storm? 
(ii) What does Prospero's mantle symbolize? 
(iii) What is the dramatic purpose of the quarrel between Prospero and the Ariel? 
(iv) Who is Claribel? What dramatic purpose is attained by the references to Claribel?
(v) How does Prospero's magic differ from that of the witch, Sycorax? 
(vi) How does Ferdinand meet Miranda? 
(vii) What does Stephano want to do with Caliban when he first finds him? 
(viii) What is the basis o Stephano's political power? 
(ix) Why does Prospero order Ferdinand to haul logs? 
(x) What does Caliban use as a bait to get Stephano to agree to overthrow Prospero? 
(xi) What is a 'masque'? List three elements of the court masque found in the wedding masque in 'The Tempest'. 
(xii) Which two mythological figures are specifically excluded from the mosque? Why? 
(xiii) Why does Prospero give up his magical power voluntarily? 
(xiv) How and why does Prospero change his appearance when he first meets the royal party face-to-face? 
(xv) What is Prospero's final request and to whom is it made? 
27. Major Themes in 'The Tempest'
28. Importance of Island in 'The Tempest'
29. Natural and Supernatural Traits of Caliba
30. Nature of Prospero and Miranda's Relationship
31. Epilogue of 'The Tempest'
32. Character Sketch of Ferdinand
33. Answer the following questions.
(i) What is the significance of the title 'The Importance of Being Earnest'?
(ii) What is the subtitle of the play 'The Importance of Being Earnest'?
(iii) What are the major themes in 'The Importance of Being Earnest'?
(iv) Define comedy of manners.
(v) What is the setting of the play 'The Importance of Being Earnest'?
(vi) What are the major conflicts in 'The Importance of Being Earnest'?
(vii) Which moment from the play 'The Importance of Being Earnest' struck you as the funniest?
(viii) Give two examples of inversion in 'The Importance of Being Earnest'.
(ix) What is Wilde's opinion of the aristocracy?
(x) What is Wilde's view towards formal education?
(xi) Who is earnest in the play 'The Importance of Being Earnest'?
(xii) What is a dandy?
(xiii) How do men and women in 'The Importance of Being Earnest' view marriage differently?
(xiv) Interpret 'The truth is rarely pure and never simple'.
(xv) Interpret 'Women only call each other sister whey they have called each other a lot of other things first'.
34. Answer the following questions.
(i) What is the girls' fascination with the name, Ernest? 
(ii) What is 'Bunburyist'? Why does Algernon find it necessary to be one? 
(iii) Why does Jack establish two different identities for himself -- one for the country and another for the city? 
(iv) In what ways do Algernon and Jack's views about love and marriage differ? 
(v) What kind of relationship do you think Lady Bracknell has with her husband? 
(vi) Why does Lady Bracknell not consider Jack an eligible husband for Gwendolen? 
(vii) Who is Dr. Chasuble? 
(viii) Why does Jack find it necessary to 'kill' his brother Ernest? 
(ix) In what ways is Cecily's personality different from Gwendolen? 
(x) Why do Gwendolen and Cecily want to marry an 'Ernest'? 
(xi) How does Jack convince Lady Bracknell that Cecily is a suitable wife for her nephew Algernon? 
(xii) Who is Mr. Prism? 
(xiii) By the end of the play, has Jack really learned the importance of being earnest? Why or why not? 
(xiv) In the end, why doesn't Cecily care that Algernon's name isn't Ernest? 
(xv) What is the moral of the play 'The Importance of Being Earnest? 
35. Justification of the Title 'The Importance of Being Earnest'
36. "Importance of Being Earnest" As a Social Satire
37. Major Themes in "The Importance of Being Earnest" 
38. "The Importance of Being Earnest" As a Trivial Comedy for Serious People
39. Character Sketch of Algernon
40. Character Sketch of Miss Prism

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